Entry #1

Blax & Jack - the comic!

2014-11-14 07:05:57 by SquirrellyJack

Yo, I started the Blax & Jack comic! Well, actually I started it about a month ago but forgot to say anything here hahahaha. So yeah, I try to update this thing a page a week, so this thing has just gotten started.


But anyway, if you liked my music video and you want to see more of Blax and Jack's adventures, follow the comic here:



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2014-11-28 19:12:31

this seems interesting.

will you draw more of this?
please do, and post some of them in here.

its nice to see more of your works in here.

SquirrellyJack responds:

It gets weekly updates, so yes, there will be much more! What is up now barely scratches the surface of what I have planned for it.
As for posting them here, that's unlikely, but there might be some exceptions down the road.